Create a Custom Mobile Coupon Application In 15 Minutes

  • A Progressive Web Application (PWA) works like a web link, but performs like a mobile application. It is cost prohibitive for a small operator to spend money on a custom mobile coupon application (PWA). The Coupon Jazz code generator will create a custom Mobile Coupon App & System with your logo and corporate identity for a very low cost of operation and a quick return on investment.
  • Cut & Paste EddystoneURL setup
  • Geofenced single use Mobile Coupons for Merchants, Services, Restaraunts and Venues

How to get started

Setup an account, upload your logo, set your colors, add your Locations and create some multimedia coupons.

Dowload QR Codes suitable for any print media or web campaign. Use your QR Code to offer your Mobile Coupons in posters, print media, paper placemats, menus etc.

This QR Mobile Coupon Code on the left loads/installs a demo mobile coupon app.

Below is an example of the App used as a locations widget. This page will show all of a Merchant/Service/Venue or Restaurant's locations closest ordered by the proximity of your current location.

30/60 Day Free Trial

Create A Custom Mobile Coupon System

Custom Progressive Web Application, Social Coupon Shares, QR Coupons, Proximity Marketing

1: Register

Create an Account on your desktop computer.

2: Add Your Locations

Coordinates are generarated but can also be entered manually.

3: Create Coupons


Schedule Campaigns

4: Energize Your Marketing

Coupon Jazz Progressive Web Apps are fast and light and implement the Eddystone URL specification so setting up Eddystone Beacons is cut/paste. Every campaign has an Eddystone URL on the Coupon Jazz Eddystone Proxy

5: Continuous Engagement

Push Special Offers to various user profiles

6: Happy Customers Share your mobile coupons

Coupons can be shared

Special Offers cannot be shared


Compete with the Big Players at a Fraction of the Cost

Your Progressive Coupon App Will

  • Improve your current marketing
  • Create better customer retention
  • Pull Foot Traffic to Your Business

Retina Ready

Your Mobile Coupon App will simply load and be ready to run while giving the consumer the option to install a shortcut icon on their desktop.

The Consumer is more likely to use a mobile coupon if they have it as an app on their phone because the consumer can be re-engaged.

Fully Progressive

The consumer scans the QR on your website, print media, clicks an email link or SMS link end the custom mobile coupon app and your mobile coupon is on their phone. Because the mobile coupon app is progressive coupons can be shared without the install fatigue of an App Store.

Increase Customer Loyalty

See your mobile coupon activity and push special offers

Low Cost of Operation

Quick ROI


Special care has been taken to make the custom mobile coupon app to be lightweight so it's up and running very fast.


Free 30/60 Day Trial


  • Additional Locations $25/mo
  • Additional Coupon Campaigns $3/mo
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